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We are looking to partner with new churches or any Christian churches who have under 100 congregants
Establish Churches or not, we are waiting for your proposal.

For All Christians No Mater Of  Your Denomination Or Background

World Headquarter
900 - 251 Laurier Ave. W. Ottawa Ontario K1P 5J6 Tel: 1.613.317.1945 in the US 1.214.651.4144
Emails congregation@eric-michel.org

Managed By
The Board of the Fellowship of Unitarian and Baptist working as a Non-Denominational Christian Chaplaincy & Seminary

Industry Canada Non-Profit: 895170-5
Revenue Canada Taxation: 803239177RC300
Enterprise Quebec Non-Profit 1170642343

Explore our websites completely to learn more about EMMI Network and determine if it's right for you and/or your      
church/Congregation/Organization and also

Non-Subscribing Christians

We are a liberal Christian organisation, affirming the following four core principles:
  • Christ is the sole Head of the Church
  • Christians are united, not by creed, but by a common standard of behaviour after the example of Christ
  • Authority of conscience is matters of faith and it is our sacred  right Christians of whatever tradition and sharing                              
    a common baptism, can and should unite on this basis

The work of the Fellowship is overseen regarding faith by an House of Bishops and temporal by democratically-elected committee            
of members on Board of Elders currently drawn primarily from Christian Unitarian & Progressive Baptist congregations.

  • We meet every Sunday for sharing faith and friendship.
  • Our gatherings are open to members and non-members alike
  • Newcomers are always warmly welcomed.

Our own Free Christians view:
  1. Free Christians are defined as open-minded followers of the teachings and example of Christ                                                        
    but without adhering to any specific creed or doctrine.
  2. Free Christians have a duty to use judgement in matters of faith.  
  3. Free Christians belief that doctrinal differences should not hinder common worship.
  4. Free Christians may not agree with each other on matters of theology
  5. The aim is the one of Christian fellowship to all who wish to worship God and follow the teaching of Christ.  
  6. Free Christians believe in the 'priesthood of all believers' and that no aspect of Christian ministry should be restricted to a few.   
  7. Free Christians are Universalist, believing that God's love extends to all.
  8. Free Christian respect someone of differing view
  9. Free Christians affirm they see God through the life of Christ.
  10. As a progressive groups within the trinitarian tradition with a regard on the nature of Christ..
  11. Free Christians have an openness in ecumenical worship.
  12. Bringing together independent organism for mutual support and the advancement of the Christian faith

Ecclesiastical Polity
Affiliation & Association with Eric Michel Ministries International is stipulated under our Constitution for a non-profit organisation
provides that an entity may join and become affiliated with Eric Michel Ministries International an Non-Denominational Christian
Chaplaincy,  grouping other Chaplaincy or Churches while remaining autonomous in regards to government, polity, operation,
and discipline"

Who can be associate members
Any Churches, congregations or corporations who are:

  • Progressive Baptist
  • Liberal or Free Christian Church
  • Christian Universalist
  • Christian Unitarian
  • Christian Fundamentalist
  • Any other Christian in respect of others in their believes and rituals

EMMI chaplaincy are autonomous, interdependent, congregational in nature, and they ultimately strive to be as similar to the
early church as possible, modeling their lives after their one true example Christ.

EMMI believes that it is in the local congregations where people come, find fellowship, and know God. Affiliated churches
subscribe to the position statement, doctrinal statement and the code of ethics.
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Associate or Affiliate which one we should choose?
N.B.: The word church in here designate a religious corporation

  • The terms associate is used to describe a church partnership where EMMI doesn't have any vote of the associate church
    administrative board. The associate church have a vote in EMMI administrative board as one church = one vote.

  • An associate Church is an alliance between two or more churches to reach a common goal (or goals),or share a common  
    interest  and use the same resource to achieve it. We maintain a standard and protect the interests of our members. In other
    words, it is an alliance referring to an agreement between two or more Churches, made in order to merge efforts,  advance
    common goals and  secure common interests.

  • But an associate can be a member (also) of  an EMMI FOUNDATION who is financed by a donation or legacy to aid          
    research,  education the arts etc., and provides funds for charities. In that case the Church associate member have                 
    equal power at the administrative board and REM (or delegate) have no veto right.

  • An affiliate, is a partnership whose parent is EMMI. Consequently, EMMI have a minimum of 51% of the vote of that              
    church administrative board. The affiliate church members have a maximum of 3 representatives in EMMI administrative          
    board and as three votes. NB: REM founder of the EMMI (or delegate) have a veto right on decisions of  the administration     

  • An affiliate Church carry EMMI  Logo and name and govern as a division of  EMMI.  Only an affiliate Church representative         
    can be member of the Council who is a body of people summoned, elected, appointed or convened to serve in an advisory,  
    consultative, administrative or legislative capacity.
Plus each affiliate members due: Pastor, Ministers, Chaplains 60.00$ and each members 20.00$ per year.
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